naming, branding + identity, UX/UI design

Magnet (Magazine+Network) is a Netflix of digital publications. It’s a way of reading and managing digital publications, as the current apps are expensive, individual and they don’t promote interactions from the digital world enough.

Centered around the user experience of the phone format, this project explores microinteractions to make a more intuitive and user-friendly app through content customization.

The main goal was to translate the graphic experience of a print magazine to a digital setting without falling into analogue conventions or losing identity.

︎︎︎ Silver Laus Estudiants Award 2020

Carles Giménez
Marta Pardina
Laia Xixons

Everett typeface by Nolan Paparelli
Neue Montreal typeface by Pangram Pangram Foundry
Video voiceover by Laida Elorza

Special thanks:
Fernando Ortiz
Àlex Garcia