graphic design

Title and credits design for “Poetes”, Sara Roy’s first single from her upcoming new album.

Sara Roy is a Catalan singer and songwriter from Manresa (Barcelona) supported by the prestigious Catalan record label Halley Records. This year she is releasing her first record, an eleven-song album called “(A)MAR” through which she will showcase her soul and essence with powerful and cheerful songs as well as intimate and deep ones.

Director: Sunita Soler
Direction Assistant: Cristina Sánchez-Pajares
Production: Sunita Soler, Cristina Sánchez-Pajares and Sara Roy
Director of Photography: Joel Badia
Still Photographer: Sofía Sánchez
Editor: Arnau Plans
Colorist: Joel Badia
Typeface “Tobias” by Displaay

Special thanks:
Halley Records
Oller del Mas